Our highlights from the hundreds of excellent pieces our system uncovered this week.

A Crisis to End All Crises
Mehrsa Baradaran | American Prospect

"Experts studying climate change, growing inequality, wage stagnation, and unsustainable debt have for years been trying to warn the public that, even though life seems normal for many people, these issues signal a critical crisis and ongoing epidemics."

COVID and Community
Steven Shapin | The Los Angeles Review of Books

"But contagious diseases have always been with us, and one thing that COVID has in common with the contagions of the historical past is that all of them are at once diseases of the physical body and the social body."

Ensuring global access to COVID-19 vaccines
Gavin Yamey et al. | Lancet

"The vaccine effort should be guided by three imperatives: speed, manufacture and deployment at scale, and global access."

Il rischio adesso è la pandemia della mente [Italian]
Donatella Di Cesare | il manifesto

"Si resta immuni, se si accetta di essere segregati. Questa è l’epidemia psichica del coronavirus. Uno shock virale che potrebbe essere devastante se non è affrontato nel segno della solidarietà."

Achille Mbembe: "Pandemia democratizou poder de matar, diz autor da teoria da 'necropolítica'" [Portuguese]
Achille Mbembe | Folha De S. Paulo

"A pandemia vai mudar a maneira como lidamos com o nosso corpo. Nosso corpo se tornou uma ameaça para nós próprios."

The world rediscovers Cuban medical internationalism
Helen Yaffe | Le Monde diplomatique

"Just weeks ago, in late February 2020, US Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders was vilified by the US establishment for acknowledging education and healthcare achievements in revolutionary Cuba."

How the UK’s Economic Model Contributes toward a Mismanagement of the Crisis
Carolina Alves, Farwa Sial | Brave New Europe

"The current model of capitalism and its response to crisis is not only inadequate, it continues to fail in protecting the most vulnerable and assuring safety for households."

"Werden wir danach so tun, als sei alles nur ein Traum gewesen?"
David Graeber | Zeit Online

"Welche Jobs Bullshit sind und welche systemrelevant: Das dürfen wir nach der Corona-Krise nicht vergessen"

El largo viaje hacia la noche [Spanish]
Pedro Almodóvar | El Diario

"Hasta ahora me había negado a escribir. No quería dejar constancia escrita de las sensaciones que me provocan los primeros días de aislamiento."

Pharmacolonialisme et triage monétaire : comment le coronavirus révèle les fractures Nord-Sud [French]

Andrés Arauz | Le Vent Se Lève

"L’absence de droits de tirage spéciaux pour les pays les plus pauvres du monde est l’équivalent, à l’échelle planétaire, d’un triage monétaire. Il est temps de faire passer la vie avant tout."

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