Our highlights from the hundreds of excellent pieces our system uncovered this week.

Underlying Conditions (COVID-19 in India)
Vidya Krishnan | The Caravan

"In India, from the eyes of anyone who studies public health, it is also a catastrophe that has been in the making for decades, perhaps since as far back as Independence."

The Coming Debt Deluge
Jerome Roos | Tribune

"As coronavirus leads to lockdowns across the world, capitalism will be forced to face its Achilles heel: the vast mountain of global debt."

La mafia del coronavirus. Dalla droga alla sanità, la pandemia aiuta l'economia criminale
Roberto Saviano | La Repubblica

"Le emergenze sono un’opportunità di guadagno per molte imprese, non solo quelle illecite. Ma queste ultime ne hanno un doppio vantaggio: affari e silenzio."

Versprechen einer Welt danach
Eva Illouz | Süddeutsche Zeitung

"Die Welt ist unwiderruflich verflochten. Welche Voraussetzungen sind nötig, damit Erde und Gesellschaft über diese und andere Krisen hinweg Bestand haben?"

Coronavirus and the networked society [Podcast]
Will Davies | Politics Theory Other

"Does the coronavirus crisis herald the break with neoliberal capitalism that many expected in the wake of the financial crisis and why does the Anglo-American response differ from the response seen in mainland Europe and East Asia?"

Does 1918 Even Apply Here? [Podcast]
David S. Jones | What Next

"There’s a pattern to most historic pandemics. Coronavirus might be different."

How the Pandemic Will End
Ed Yong | The Atlantic

"The U.S. may end up with the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the industrialized world. This is how it’s going to play out."

Coronavirus: «Cette crise inédite adresse un redoutable avertissement aux économistes»
Robert Boyer | Le Monde

"La sortie de crise ne viendra pas d’un retour des marchés à un équilibre évanescent, mais de la coordination des circuits économiques par l’Etat pour traiter l’urgence sanitaire."

COVID-19 makes clear energy and water are public goods
Thea Riofrancos, Johanna Bozuwa | The Hill

"Workers are being sent home in droves due to the outbreak of COVID-19. As they stay home to do their part to stop the transmission of this virus, they are confronted with the possibility that they may lose water to wash their hands, electricity to keep them warm in quarantine and internet to keep them in communication with loved ones."

La emergencia viral y el mundo de mañana
‌Byung-Chul Han | El País

"Los países asiáticos están gestionando mejor esta crisis que Occidente. Mientras allí se trabaja con datos y mascarillas, aquí se llega tarde y se levantan fronteras."

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